Loans for graduate school

Ok so as far as graduate school goes its going to be expensive! I do not care how but I am going. So outside the grants, scholarships ect… it is going to be expensive!

So I would like to know how everyone went about getting loans for graduate school when you already have $20,000 in loans already.

Personal loans… now what about credit reports?


I need to get the money to go!

If the school is certified by the Department of Education, you can get additional federal loans and put your existing ones in deferment.

If it isn’t (as in my case), I found a lender for foreign schools- It’s a private loan but you can borrow to the full amount. I believe its called educaid.

My suggestion is to try hard to get grants, etc. It does get a little old paying that student payment for years on end.

I am looking for avenues to look down to get loans … not alternative sorces of money …(grants, scholarships) … I have check into those…

anyone else with wise words … to help

your school should have a list of private loan arrangers like this

Not if you are going to a private school, that is small, such as cranbrook.

You can apply for both subsidized and unsubsidized government loans; together they’ll probably cover tuition at a private school, or come close. Unsubsidized means that interest starts accruing as soon as you take out the loan, by the way.

You can apply for bank loans to cover your other expenses. Typically, you can qualify for one of those even if your credit history isn’t great, but you’ll have to pay a higher interest rate.