Loading bar in flash

i would like to know how to make a loading bar in flash, like you see on most of the web site when you’re opening a new page
if anyone can help me or is there any tutorials about it?
thanx /jim

I think I remember a “How to build a status bar preloader in Flash”, under tutorials Flash Preloader
good luck

How much experience do you have with Flash? How experienced are you with Actionscript?

i’m quite good in animation, i can make nice product presentation.
I have some basics in Actionscript, but I used to program in Java J++, somehow you can find things in commun./ jim

this tutorial is great

Here is a preloader I wrote a LONG time ago. It’s AS 1.0 and some of the code may be depricated. You should check out the Kirupa link above. I’m sure they have a more elegant solution, but this works.

Preloader Component
J. Moak
August 31, 2003
This preloader tracks the load status of its parent movie clip and sends a
message when that clip is loaded.  The parent clip MUST have an 
"onMovieLoad" event defined to handle the event broadcast.  In addition,
the _root movie needs to contain the "EventBroadcaster" object.

(Other options: 
 - Hardcode the "Finished" functionality here and force the parent MC to
   accommodate it (ie, if (loaded) {_parent.gotoAndPlay("loaded");).
 - Use a frameloop listener in the parent clip to continually check the load
   status of this preloader MC.
 The eventHandler method seems more elegant.  Email me if you have any

// Initialize Code (doesn't run until bytesloaded is > 0 - workaround for 
// bytesloaded bug in Flash.
function initialize () {
	//  initialize load variables
	this.loadtarget = _parent;
	this.totalbytes = -1;
	this.bytesloaded = -1;
	this.ratio = -1;
	// make this preloader broadcast events:
	loadObj = new Object();
	EventBroadcaster.initialize (this);
	// subscribe the _parent as a listener:
	this.addListener (_parent);
	// create loop host mc to continually check load status
	this.createEmptyMovieClip ( "bytechecker",2000);
	// set bytechecker to check bytesloaded - don't start tracking load status
	// until the loading has started.
	this.bytechecker.loadtarget = loadtarget;
	this.bytechecker.onEnterFrame = function () {
		//check bytesloaded
		if (loadtarget.getBytesTotal() > 0) {
			this._parent.totalbytes = loadtarget.getBytesTotal();
		}// endif
	}// end onenterframe
}// endinitialize

function startLoadTracking () {
	this.createEmptyMovieClip ( "looper",2000);
	// set looper to track bytesloaded and set variables
	this.looper.onEnterFrame = function () {
		bytesloaded = this._parent.loadtarget.getBytesLoaded();
		this._parent.ratio = this._parent.totalbytes / bytesloaded;
		this._parent.percentage = Math.ceil(this._parent.ratio * 100);
		bytes_disp = Math.ceil(bytesloaded / 1024) + "k/" + Math.ceil(this._parent.totalbytes / 1024) + "k";
		if (bytesloaded > 98) {
			bytes_disp = "Data Loaded";
		}// endif
	}// end onEnterFrame
}// end startLoadTracking

edit: added Code tags to maintain formatting

thank you every one
i guess i will manage to do it now, it’s really great!

Let me know if you need any more help. I need to brush up on my Flash :wink: