Living in New York... advice and tips?

Hello all!

I’m going to be interning in New York this summer, and as someone from Cali/Pittsburgh, I know nothing about it… I’m looking to sublet a place to stay for the summer, but don’t know where I should be staying. The office I’m working at is located in Chelsea, so I’m looking at East Village/Stuy/Lower east/Williamsburg/Bushwick/Brooklyn areas. Is that where I should be looking? What’s safe/not ridiculously expensive for my intern salary?

If any of you know someone subletting for the summer (June to Sep ish), that’d also be very helpful!

Thanks for your help!

Lower East Side is amazing, you can find some relatively affordable places to rent, and everything is readily accessible around here. Brooklyn and Williamsburg are also definitely worth looking into. These locations are incredibly safe, not to worry at all. Good luck.

Thanks, but moved in a month ago :smiley:. Living in Park Slope.

Welcome to the neighborhood - don’t think there’s anywhere more fun to live then Brooklyn for those in the college age, especially now that it’s warm out.

Hope you bought a fixie :wink:

No fixie yet… been living off the subway! I’ll get in on the fun soon, though.