Living in Chicago

I might be moving to Chicago soon and wanted to get opinions on the best neighborhoods to live in, or neighborhoods with a good design/art scene. I would like to be near public transportation so I could possibly get rid of my car.


I know Old Town is quite nice, but spendy. My cousin has a place in the South Loop area, also spendy but nice.

Gold Coast is cool.

Check out Andersonville

Wicker Park and Ukranian Village are still pretty fun areas, even with the gentrification that has taken place over the years.

West Loop is a cool spot with world class restaurants, design studios, galleries and loft spaces. Be warned that the nearby meat packing plants can smell ripe when you walk by on a hot day!

Logan Square is hipster paradise. If you ride a fixed gear road bike with tiny handlebars, you will want to live here.

Pilsen has sort of taken over as the area for artists and has the hippest gallery scene, but the public transportation in that spot is a bit lacking compared to the rest of the city.

Boystown is the gay hood (duh) Andersonville is lesbo central (not always the good kind :wink: )

Stay away from Wrigleyville if you wish to keep your sanity. Cubs games and their fans create mayhem all summer.

If you are a racist, a homophobe or an Irish cop, then the South Side of Chicago is for you! (I’m only half-joking here)

I lived without a car for years in Chicago and it was great! But now I have to reverse commute to the suburbs. :angry:

Thanks, I have friends in old town which is where I am looking but its good to hear other opinions.

I have spent a ton of time in Wicker Park, Bucktown, Ukranian Village over the past several years, and it appears that most of my friends have recently moved away from there and I’m spending a lot more time in Logan Square as of late.

I lived in Bucktown, before it became cool, then they threw me out. :wink: You really only have access to the Blue Line and kind of limits your mobility. That is really my only complaint of Bucktown.

If I had the cash, no doubt I would be in Old Town. Perfect central location, IMO.

If you like hustle and bustle, and all concrete, Streeterville is the place.

I also lived near DePaul, on a 1-block road, Drummond, between Racine and Seminary. Very swanky. In addition to the 40 you could buy at the local Quicky Mart, you could buy brie and prosciutto. Easy access to the Brown Line and rent wasn’t too terrible.

If you want to be safe, all of the cops and firefighters live in Edison Park and Norwood Park. Nice neighborhoods with “affordable” homes.

cdaisy’s post are definately more affordable neighborhoods. They are just a little outside of the “core” and access to the L is a bit further. But you really need to hang out for a bit before determining what is best for you.

I figured if he was a designer he would need an affordable neighborhood. :laughing:

Ukranian village is where the cool kids hang out. not so terribly expensive either. If you look west from there rent prices go down.