Living in cali

So i saw a posting for director of id for harbour freight (they do tools) the description sounds sweet and the product is something i would love to design. … but man i did a quick look at cost of living and housings and i would truly need to get more then 2x my current salary to have a chance of considering it. Part of me wants to reach out and ask what the salary range is so that im not wasting there time or mine.
So question are salaries porportionate to cost of living in Cali ?

In general yes, the pay can be a lot more here at leadership levels, but it has to be. What part of California are they in?

26541 Agoura Rd, Calabasas, CA 91302
Perhaps ill apply and see…

Yah, that is a pretty expensive area. They probably justify some salary by saying you can live in Reseda and Simi Valley which are a little cheaper. Of course if you roll down the hill the other way you are in Malibu.

150K for a marketing director. Maybe 125K - 175K range?
And yes, housing is insane. It’s common for people to live 20-40 miles away and commute 45min-1:15min each way to work. That’s just the nature of the greater LA area.

Thank you for the info.

that another check in the no, as i like really short commutes so i can spend time with my sons. I miss the days where my requirement and self imposed restrictions for job opportunities was considerably smaller… But i am happy with my current role, i would just really love to design tools :wink:

I have the same requirement. I am lucky to have a 15-30 min commute. Currently I cannot put a price on an additional 2 hrs of commuting. My kids will only get older and have busier schedules…Something about working longer hours just so that I have to hire somebody to take care of my kids after school doesn’t make sense. My wife does the long commute. It would be insane if both of us did it.