LIVESTRONG wristband material?

Does anybody know what kind of material did they use to make the “LIVESTRONG” wristbands?

Also, what kind of material do watch manufacturers use for the transparent part of the time display?

Thank you for your help!

i believe it is a rubbery material that is called (synthetic silicone)

i did the search from google…

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The material is pigmented silicone. Generally silicone has a softer, more velvety appearance than rubber. Runs about $120/gallon in smaller quanitites.

Another similar, but higher-touch material: Santoprene - Wikipedia

I believe Marc Newson used this material on his Ikepod wristwatches and also infused a vanilla scent.

Re; your second question, in wristwatches typically Acrylic or Polycarbonate, and in higher-end watches Mineral Glass or Synthetic Sapphire.

santoprine comes in many colors and durometers… It is a bit expensive or at least thats what the chinese vendors say so they can use their equivalent.

Silicone is cheaper and would use a similar mold. It is probably a 100 cavity mold (or more). silicons can often withstand extreme heat (and retain their heat)