LIVE: photoreal furniture competition 2005

Ok… winners are live.

Got to say, I am alittle disappointed in the results. I didn’t see any designs that truly excited me. I wish I knew more about the imagery, how the designer intended the piece to be manufactured, market designed for, etc. Even the entry named “best manufacturing” looks questionable to me. I know that manufacturing was not the emphasis in this exercise, but any extra information could help to give the design some perspective.

My favorite was:

That one is better than any of the winners. Looks like it’s meant to be extruded, although I think you would struggle to find someone who can extrude something that big. And I don’t really care for the Barcelona design cue in the legs, but overall, it’s really nice.

No3 looks good…not sure about no2 very weak rendering

Nice catch, the legs do look like they are derived from the Mies Barcelona chair.

Truthfully, I wasn’t all that impressed with most of the entries. A few caught my eye, but none were earth-shaking.

I was a little disappointed with the glut of seating - there are a lot of other types of furniture out there that need to be well-designed!

Then again, there are a lot of near-copies and generally uninspiring furniture being peddled around the world. Perhaps its just a reflection of the industry?