Live In Your Heyday

Check out this new in depth interview with Darin Hager, the brains and muscle behind new footwear brand Heyday.

Is that your soul in the box or are you suprised at how they turned out…?

My soul is defintetly in the box and I’m blown away how SS08 came out…

Also just got the Heyday Everyday into the latest issue of Sneaker Freaker


Man, I love those Fins, but 150 is really hard for me to drop on a casual lowtop shoe. Especially if it doesn’t have a known history of durability etc. I don’t doubt the shoes are first class…but just saying. For me that’s an obstacle. It looks like you are doing limited runs in boutique style shops, so I think these styles will sell well in that market. Good stuff!


Well if you can’t afford the $142.40 for the Finns we have an entry level vulcanized style for $70 (the Wingers.) Sales are brisk and reaction has been quite strong. They aren’t performance shoes and the durability is the same as any other non performance sneaker. They are made along side many of them. I’ve worked very hard to build the brand from a design and development standpoint as well as marketing and PR. I’m glad you like the designs and hope you’ll get to see them in person or just take the plunge and buy them directly from if you aren’t near a retailer. They are very cool kicks and getting better with each season. I’m psyched everytime I see them and wear them. I hope you will be too


Hey, good luck with your venture.

It would be interesting to know the full story. The posted article was a little bit short.

How and when did you decide to begin with your own brand?

Are you manufacturing in the US?