Little Tikes Changes Hands

Seems Like Newell-Rubbermaid just sold Little Tikes off to MGA in LA. I’m wondering how that will effect the Little Tikes brand, now being owned by the company that designs “Bratz”…

Any word from Ohio?

It should be good news for the folks at Tikes. The association with Newell Rubbermaid has nearly destroyed the company over the last few years. They’ve been an orphaned division. Fifteen years ago this was one of the crown jewels in the Rubbermaid portfolio.

Like most Rubbermaid guys (current and past) I’m shocked it took this long to sell-off this division.

Good luck to the design people there.

Hadn’t heard this. Thanks. I’ll ask around.

I’ve asked around. Sounds like they’ll be moving out of Ohio.

it was a nice litlle team they had there… I had an opportunity to work with them on a line