literature on footwear

i am searching for literature on footwear. how it is made, the history of it, it differentiations of it between culutures. etc… etc… i am having difficulty finding any informative literature. any suggestions would be great.


hey-was just at Virgin record store and there was a book on urban culture and footwear-not sure of the title but the cover is all red-with an embossed gold shoe i believe-

also a great book on new york city culture and footwear with alot of writing is “where’d you get those?” new yorks city’s sneaker culture: 1960-1987

But also has more years that that.

for nike check out “sole provider”

also “sneakers” by Neal Heard -over 300 classics from rare vintage to recent designs-good book too,

good luck-agreed not alot written about this subject-

I checked Amazon and found:
“The Sneaker Book” also, but the guy above me covered some of the better ones. I own both “Sole Provider” and “Sneakers.” “Sole Provider” is pretty cool and gives a lot of history on Nike. “Sneakers” is a good reference for many brands of shoes with lots of photos. “Where’d You Get Those?” focuses more on the cultural aspect.

yea i have looked into all those books but there is not a lot of concrete information in them. looks like i’ll be writing my own!

try an art history book?

I took a class in world art history-and I once in a while saw a slipper or wooden clog or sandal or boot in it from different cultures-but it looks at it in an art point of view-but may be helpful-also it can give you some information about the culture of that time period and the location-also medevil times-with armor-there are always some metal boots and things in the books-

so check that out-also have you ran by your local museum? they might have a couple exhibits on some cultures and you might see some shoes-and be able to gather a lil more info-and ask the people that work there if they knew of any other places to find culture arts/accessories and more detailed info footwear-