Listing freelance on resume?

Hi all,

I’m still in school but I picked up a small freelance gig with a client. I did a bit of Googling and searched this forum for an answer, but none of the situations really fit me. I do not actively promote myself as a freelancer, so how would I list this position? It is with a specific company, do I put it like this:

Company name - Freelance contractor (is that even the right term? I’m on a contract per project)
Sep 2010 - Present
Did shit for this company, blah blah blah, while still in school blahblah


You can list it by project or you can list it as

2010: Freelance Design Work: did work for an array of clients such as aaa,bbb, and ccc. Work done included xxx,yyy, and zzz.

So my client is actually a startup in stealth mode. They’ve given me permission to lost them as “mobile entertainment startup targeting emerging markets”. How would that fly in an interview and how could I use the fact that they’re a stealth company and I’m doing this while still in school to my advantage?