List of companies that license chair designs?

Hi everyone, I’m new to ID and am curious what companies license elegant chairs like the Verner Panton S chair. I have an innovative and elegant design that I want to license, but it’s hard to know what companies the right ones to investigate. Many thanks!

That’s not the panton chair btw. Looks impossible. Most companies don’t readily license designs, unless you are well known and proven afaik.


Thanks R.

I assumed it was one his variations…

Companies such as Umbra and Kikkerland license designs from unknowns but mostly small objects and houseware type products. Aren’t there companies with an equivalent business model for furniture?

Ok. I stand corrected. Never seen that chair before. The basic principle I think is that why would a company take all the risk to make and distribute a design if weren’t well known or very different? I’m not in furniture but I’d guess it’s possible but rare.


I understand your point. But it also allows the companies to troll for the best designs. I agree it’s rare. But that’s why I’m here asking the experts :slight_smile:

Nice portfolio btw. Always impressed with the complexity of shoe design.

I’m not sure if “license” is the term for what you think you want to do…

If you want to sell to the likes of Kikkerland, all you need to do is present the product to their purchasing team for evaluation. Provided your marketing/advertising plan is well thought out, the price points are in line, production capabilities are adequate, and inventory is available when required I think you would find it fairly easy to get in the door with them (or anyone else). At this point you would be a “vendor”.

But, if what you mean by “licensing” is getting a company to buy your design concept, arrange for manufacturing, legal protection of the design, advertising/promotion, pay you a royalty, etc. then as R suggests … it’s probably not going to happen.

But never, say never.

In all the entrepreneurial work I have done, there has always been the important question of 1) manufacture, market, and sell alone (or with a partner) or 2) develop the proof of concept with IP and license (for a royalty) to a manufacture with the marketing and sales infrastructure in place. Two distinct strategies that require very different timelines, milestones and budgets. It sounds from you both that the strategy in furniture is to make it yourself…or get famous!

Thanks Lew.

I agree with the above, sort of. It is a over crowded and over heated market. It’s hard.
However, all the “famous” designers did get started somehow. That happend when high profile manufacturer realized their talent and put pieces of theirs into production. Often at graduation shows.

Especially in furniture, there is actually a good chance to pitch to manufacturers. However a couple of sketches or a rendering will most likely not do it and you will probably need a prototype.

In the past me and my partners have sold concepts at fairs and exhibitions. Manufacturer are not just picking up established names but also scout for you talent. Suddenly they get a finished design and a hot new name to promote.
However, you should realize that you will do a lot of work for free and that there is little to no upfront money until you are established or as others put it here “famous”.

I would advise you to get your design to the stage where it is production ready and then submit it to exhibits and shows. If it’s good, manufacturers will take note. Once you have a foot in the door, getting meetings is a lot easier.

Sounds very reasonable. I appreciate the response.

Good luck with your designs too…Your GRETA lamp is clever.