Linux based design tools

I have recently taken an old Dell workstation laptop and removed Windows and converted it to Ubuntu (a version of Linux). I am wondering what Open Source 2D and 3D Open source programs people are using?

I am sure you could do some killer ASCII art on that machine now! :laughing:

I haven’t been messing with linux for a while now, but there’s allways gimp as a photoshop alternative and blender for 3D, but I guess they’re the obvious ones.

Yes and Blender does Nurbs.

Myself and a colleague have been searching and found these:

An Illustrator Alternative -

A CAD software:

For CAD, I’ve not found anything in linux up to the job so far… would love to though. Apparently UGNX is available on Linux, though it’s obviously commercial software not open source.

A great illustrator alternative is Xara LX. This linux version is a little flaky and slow on my old machine, but day to day, I use the windows version anyway. I find Xara better than illustrator for most things- really fluid, fast and intuitive by comparison…

you could also look at inkscape. The development of this looks a bit more lively than XaraLX, but it’s not as nice to use (based on a couple of hours of evaulation)

For Linux, specifically Debian-based systems like Ubuntu,
Inkscape = Illustrator
GIMP = Photoshop
BRL-CAD = ? It’s a strange one, but a 3d cad program
QCAD is a great 2d cad program

Yes, it can do all of this, but forget streaming Flash videos online or playing a DVD.

GIMP and Inkscape are both really decent for raster and vectors.
I have Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope running dual boot on my laptop…it performs at least 1.5 times better than vista. Especially when it comes to those two programs.