I have become a big proponent of LinkedIn. One thing I have yet to wrap my head around is whether or not I should follow, and/or be followed by competing companies that I have not met in person.

Any thoughts on that?

If your worried about other companies/people seeing your contacts then you can only make them visible to you.

I think it is very valuable following different companies that you have not met inperson. You are not getting any ‘insider’ information other than the PR machine.

I tend to agree. At the end of the day, the names and connections are still there to be found.

It was just one of those thoughts that crosses my mind when it happens. A pause to ask myself, “is there anything to lose by clicking accept”?

I follow companies that I feel important. I am not sure if it is of any value. It only shows updates on the companies new jobs or their advertisement. I am following about 12 companies and I hardly get any updates. It also makes me think if it is any good as I can just search their companies and find it there. I have “liked” the companies in facebook where I can see their promos or new design trends.

I dont know if I should accept invitation from unkonwn companies or friends request either. I’ve read that you should only accept if you know them or forwarded from a friend. Its a gray area as I see some people do have 500+ connections.