Linkedin recommendations in a resume?

Would you be turned off to see Linkedin recommendations in a potential candidate’s resume?

As in those endorsements you can give others on LinkedIn? Yea, they seem rather petty since they isn’t any actual proof required to give an endorsement.

A recommendation as written by someone (not just a check box) would certainly be fine. I’d put it as an appendix, second page riff-raff.

Yes indeed, I’d like to include the blurbs that former directors have written for me. Probably as a tertiary section.

I think it is fine. I have done it as well… So I guess of course I would think it is fine :slight_smile:

Gonna say just incase…

So no to the checked boxes

Yest to the written blurb

No to the blurb written by a fellow class mate that sings your praises, Former bosses and directors yes - but also evaluate it to ensure that it is meaningful and impactful.