linkedin? companyoffriends? friendster?

Wondering if anyone in design is using one of these professional networking tools? If so which and has it been useful, or just another source of spam?

Here’s a list:

I recently joined. So far, no issues with spam. No results of any kind for that matter. Seems as if the only connections I’ve made have been with people I know.

Not sure how many connections I will make when I’m forced to pay for the service either.


I’m assuming you joined Linkedin? I don’t have high expectations for these services, I can see it ending up with salespeople netoworking with other salespeople.

Let me know if you have some positive results.


i joined a business network. mostly just wade through variations of the S. African email scam. and there’s plenty of reg spam too. now i wont bother with those.

I was invited to join linked in and surprisingly got some freelance work outta the deal. So far so good. I don’t get a lot of extraneous email either.