lines and trends

hi , could anybody guide me how to find a correspondence/relation between retro, futuristic, aerodynamic, boxy and lines of sketch! I mean to say, to depict a retro product, could there be a different kind of ‘feel’ that need be expressed through sketching.If yes, how? For example the choice of colors might set the difference.

In short, product design movements(trends) and sketching as a tool of its expression, any links?

I think I understand what you are asking.
You want examples of rendering styles that can be easily recognizable as retro, futuristic, etc? Even if the subject does not necessarily fit that style?
If that is correct, I suggest you take a look at some of the old skecthes posted here lately: [[u]UPDATED: vintage concept sketches). Some other names tha come to mind are Luigi Colani & Syd Mead. Another guy, I can’t recall his name right now, he used to be the concept designer for the Corvette in the 60s & 70s. That guy had a great retro style. I’ll try to dig up his name later today.

thanx, i think you got it right. thanx for the reply.And most of all thanx for understanding my doubt i mean i dont think I had put it well but i guess you just got it right! The carconceptart site is amazing and really helped me have a feel of the lines I was looking for.

What about ‘futuristiic’ lines. any example? Thanx buddy

Futuristic, hmm, i just tripped over Daniel Simons page and I totally dig his style.
At least his concepts are FUTURISTIC :wink:

sweet stuff!

Daniel Simon you’d think the guy had more self respect than to show this feabile portfolio …

I’m thinkin’ i’ll just be goin’ out a shootin’ myself now; that’s too much talent for one lifetime.

Especially liked the monochromatic pieces.

I’m hard pressed to come up with any great examples of a futuristic ‘style’ for drawing, since so much of the concepting work I see now is 3D & CGI. I have seen some damn good hand drawn concepts, but its difficult to see the drawing styles as anything but contemporary. Nearly everyone in transportation is trying to make their work look futuristic! I’m sure that in 10 years I’ll be able to look back at the current work & see how the techniques have become dated, regardless of the subject.

I am very eager to see what examples of futuristic styles can be given by the others. The Daniel Simon stuff looked pretty advanced.

The name I couldn’t remember earlier was Larry Shinoda. He designed for GM, and was instrumental to the iconic corvettes of the 60s & 70s. My dad had a book that had some great sketches by Shinoda. The style was unmistakeably retro (though futuristic in it’s day). I wish I could share, but can’t find any of them online.

Daniel’s photos are nice too. Seems like this guy is living the life.