likeness rights?

can someone help me out.

recently i have been working on a bunch of sports related illustration stuff, and have gotten a lot of offers from people who would like to purchase prints of my work. lots of offers.

now because the illustrations involve actual players and teams, i’m pretty sure i need some type of permission to sell prints. right? wrong?

if i must, how would i go about not getting sued for selling these prints? what are likeness rights? do i need permission from the teams, the players? or can i just print up a bunch and sell 'em?

thanks for you input.

You don’t need permission from the teams or the players but from the different leagues: NBA, NFL, various baseball leagues. They will want a percentage of the sale if they even agree. Your images will also have to meet their approval. They may have already given the exclusive rights to another artist which means they can’t grant it to you.

This is big business stuff.