Lightning in Autostudio

I am sitting with a school project that is due in a couple of days and as it is my first time using autostudio for rendering a project I am a bit lost. I have heard rumours about pre-set lightning scenes that one could download and use but I cannot find any. I therefore wonder if anyone know anything about this?


  1. download imagestudio trial from…

2.whatch demo movies at the start up and take an hour or two to play around with it

  1. if you use the predefined “Clear light” studio lighting set up paired with some nice predefined shaders from the asset library you will easily have some hot renderings with little effort

good luck

thanks, i will get right to it

Are we talking AutoStudio or ImageStudio here?! They are two very different programs.

we’re talking about building ia autostudio and importing the wire to imagestudio to get the hot shit renderings.

i think ive herd the next version of autostudio will actually have the image studio interface and mental ray rendering! that would be nice