Lighting Project: Jellyfish Series

Hey guys,
I have been working on this lighting project for a little over a year now. It actually started as a Senior Lighting project at Georgia Tech. I decided to restart the project in hopes to produce a more complete version and something I could market in the future. I just don’t know where to go now with the project.

The project started out as a 3 week Senior project creating energy efficient lighting. I not only wanted to do an eco lamp, but also something fun, something dynamic. I started looking at the motion of a jellyfish as well as that old kids toy the slitted paper roll on a string. I started working with the idea of a lamp the would compress with slits and would allow various amounts of light out or change the shadows. Now the first version in school was a small desk lamp with a cfl bulb built in. The bases are machine aluminum, the shade is polyethylene, the inner tube has a height locking mechanism. The user can lock a low height with full light output, close it for dimmer light or bounce the shade. This version did not have a dimmer because of the bulb in use.

My newest version which I have been working at home on with little shop tools. I took the original idea and scaled up as well as replaced the cfl with an inner tube with leds. The shade is a similar material, but orange this time, a friend turned the base for me. The newer version uses friction for the height, and now includes a functional dimmer at the top.

more pictures at Jellyfish Lamp by Will Van Gelderen at