Lighting Interaction

Hi all,

I’m just beggining a year long project focusing on new ways of interacting with light. I know this is an area already full of interesting ideas and was just wondering if any of you have seen particularly impressive and inovative designs or technologies kicking around?

Do you find that lighting at work/home/school is not flexible enough for you?

Iif light could behave in any way wanted, your the boss, how would you use it?

any comments are really appretiated,

thanks in advance!

question 1:
fluorescent lighting and their traditional placements can be quite annoying… but make me appreciate the outdoors that much more. They also white-wash colors, which can be deceiving when trying to paint.

quesiton 2:
To match moods or maybe the colors of surroundings. maybe a chaotic traffic intersection would be splayed in red, while the foot lights leading down a catwalk at some late romantic hour give off luminescent blue… i suppose the psychology of color would come into play .

good luck!

Some stuff to think about…

It would be nice to have some form of control over light so that it would follow me into every room I walk into. I always find it inconvenient to have to flip light switches due to their typically inconvenient placement. Motion-detecting light could be an option to solve this, but say you’re watching TV, and you want the lights on, and you are just sitting there, the light might go off due to the lack of movement. My only guess would be to create some form of light switch that can sense if any bodies are in the room.

Otherwise, If I could control light, I would shoot it out of my fingertips or palm…
Just saying…
It would be cool…

most lighing fittings and controllers use DMX512 data, interaction can be via a PC, lightswitch, solarcell, (or even a hamster in a cage if you wish)

recently done a job where we made inground car park lights for a reidential block.
the tennant swipes their gate card at the entrance,
and the lights change colour to indicate their relavant parking spot,

what would be great is that lights would dimm allonf the BB radiation curve (LEDs are out then!) with the sun rise/ sun set, would do woders for the body clock.

i had a concept once 6+ years ago that went something like this-

each household member had a sort of RFID bracelet or other object. they would take it around with them in the house, and it would interact with a network to turn the lights on to your preferences wherever you were.

you could conceivably make personal setting as well, so perhaps you enjoyed more dim lights watching tv, or lights of a particular color, the system would act accordingly.

the system would also have some sort of settings to know what to do if there was more than one person in a room, and had conflicting settings.

the bracelet/object could also function as some sort of remote to adjust the lighting quality manually should you so desire.

with a system like this, you wouldnt have to worry about turning lights on and off, as it would “follow” you around. if the object was indiscrete enough, you would forget, any more than you forget your house keys when you go out.

i never went with the concept, and for sure there are some issues, technical and otherwise, but seems basically feasible to me. with all the different wireless tech out there (RFID, bluetooth, wifi, etc.) im sure the system could be effectively made, and perhaps could even be compatible in a basic retrofit if you just changed the swtiches.

I do know there are remote control lighting systems out there, and programmable “smart” systems. this just would really combine the two into something that doesnt yet exist (to my knowledge).


(if you make it and get rich, you owe me royalties:) )

Too lazy to look it up right now…but as I recall Bill Gates’ house has a system like this. I remember reading about his house having a “badge” that you wore and it turned lights on and off as you walk through the house, etc.

sounds very star trek. not surprised i guess, since gates is pretty much the prototypical geek. probably has automatic sliding doors that make “woosh” sounds too …