This unit is developed with the aim to change the people’s attitude toward the nature and to teach unobtrusively to take care of an environment.
There is a significant lack of sunny light in our premises. Lighthouse is a lamp and a tabletop greenhouse at the same time. A plant gets (in full measure) the light, the warmth and the water, remunerating us with its aesthetics and clear air.
Touching the walls of the Plexiglas cap, leaves reveal their structure. They seem to exude through a mist, giving natural lines and shades on the surface. Thus, lighthouse can be considered as a contemplation object.
Lighthouse is supplied with a humidity sensor, which signals on the water shortage. It can be adjusted in accordance with an optimal sprinkling scheme for a given plant. The base brings a removable flowerpot; one can perform transplantation, tillage or fertilization at any moment.
Lighthouse is constructed of a scratch-resistant plastic and a stainless steel, assuring the longevity and reliability of the product. It can be positioned at the desktop due to its moderate dimensions (42Ñ…23Ñ…23 cm). The smooth plastic surface can be used to make temporary notes or sketches with a wipe-off marker.

Waiting your feedbacks!!

How is the light connected to the power source? What about a timer for light cycles?

Interesting idea.

Lamp is powered by wire ?green on scheme% . Time shedule , hm … i thinking that lamp is used by peoples when is a lack of sun light , and plannts take this lamp light when it needed.
Please sorry for my english))

Seems to me that you are trying to jam 2 or 3 concepts into a single product.

Is it a product for people to get closer to nature by taking care of a single plant?


Is it a product that will take care of a plant without any intervention at all? (Waters itself, gives itself light, etc.) Contemplate nature from a foggy distance?


is it a little whiteboard?

There’s a good concept in here somewhere, maybe it needs some pruning.

Sorry if I’m too direct.

Good luck.

to jimr: most likely first “product for people to get closer to nature by taking care of a single plant”. The idea is to make this care not tired, not thrusted. That allow to care to all people, not only to enthusiasts of plants growing and nature worshippers. It to cause !!!to set thinking!!! ordinary people about environment in nature.
May be you say right:“it needs some pruning”, but yours feedbacks is help me in this business!

I’d like one, so the concept can’t be bad :slight_smile:

Thank you hippatodahoppa!!