Light Emitting Polymers

Yo yo…I am currently studying 3rd year ID in Australia and I am currently working on a project based on Ambient Intelligence. As a subsidiary of this project I have to give a 20 minute seminar on a new technology available at this point in time, and I have chosen to do LEPs.
I was wondering what is the best source of information on this product…? Online or alternative…?

Any info would be much appreciated.


I did a project some time a go that made extensive use of such technology.
The main constraint was with portability since it tends to require AC and batteries are DC. Not a deal breaker, it works well in the indiglo.

Here is a good explanation:

Here is a history of use in products:

Here is a good source that I’ve used:

Other links that actually still works!

I wish you well in your work.
What school?


Good luck–there is very little information available as it is mostly still under R&D development (there are no commercial LEP’s in use to my knowledge.)

I do recall that one of the issues with the technology is the dependability of the particular colors. The blue LEP in particular had a very short lifespan, causing tri-color (ie. video) panels to quickly color-shift to the reds.

Unfortunately until this is resolved, there won’t be a commercial market for them.

You might want to expand your focus to include other display technologies. The revolution right now is in tri-color LED’s (again, with the recent invention of blue LED’s.) These are showing up in everything from Motorola phones to the famous MATMOS tumblers and the Kohler SOK tub.

As a result “chromatherapy” has become a buzzword (I most recently heard it used by Whirlpool in their IDSA presentation when giving an overview of some advanced concepts.)

Cool Wire…

@ 2mm diameter it kinda makes ya wanta pimp-out the ride with electroluminescent pin-striping.

This is the only link you need.

Used them myself for exactly the same purpose.