Light Emitting Material

just wondering if anyone can sujest a type of material that can illuminate an area, something that would be like a sheet, or a coating or cover.

sorry to be vague, probably the best way to describe what I’m after would be a fiber optic film that can cover an object and produce complete illumination.

thanks everyone

…el (electroluminescent) has been around for decades but brightness is limited to begin with and it has a short life…it has been years since i have worked much with it, so there may be new deveolpments…or not.

maybe these links might be helpful

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new fabric that can emit its own light

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EL is quite evolved lately… for easy to get samples, check out safety suppliers for glow in the dark fire exit signs. They will stay lit in the dark for up to 12 hours upon loss of local power, a 6x increase over current battery powered systems.


thanks for the input everyone. I’ll be sure to look into all of these areas


this was an interesting read/ might be helpful

Mm> I think is the most usefull one.

This can also be helpfull;

Or the paints used in watches;

Strontium aluminate - Wikipedia 10xZnS = Lumibrite - Wikipedia 100xZnS