Lifestyle product design

Lifestyle product design…suggestions for which design school to opt for?

what is your definition of “lifestyle” product design?

If by “lifestyle” you mean watches, footwear, headphones, mobile phones, maybe even furniture, etc, then I’m not sure there is a particular school for this. I would suggest merging your technical learnings from school with your intuition. Constantly watch people to understand what they are wearing and how. Think about where trends are going. Develop your own style and point of view. Have your eyes open at all times; while watching TV (what is the star of show x wearing), while walking through town, in conversation with others.

Immerse yourself in culture.


What i meant was furniture, everyday utility products , maybe home accessories, could be fashion accessories too…well in NID in India we do have a course called lifestyle accessory which i feel is an overlap between design discciplines…was wondering if we had something similar elsewhere? Anyways I’m a graduate in product design, wishing to pursue an MA and exploring possibilities.