Lifestyle backpack concept please critic

I am working on the presentation of this project for my portfolio. Any thoughts on how I show my process and how I can improve this for my portfolio would be appreciated.

See the portfolio process pages here:

Sample of final prototype

phenomenal project. Simply awesome. My only advice would be to zoom in on some of those sketches! I want to see them up close and with so many on a page, I loose focus after 3-5… also, might be cool to circle the elements of the sketches (a strap, a pocket, whatever) that you selected to develop into the final concept. This ca be a nice device to show your selection process without saying anything.

Very nice project. I likey.

Hey YO. Thanks for the comments here and also about the market research page on Coroflot. I agree about the sketches, I wanted to have the two thumbnail pages to show I had a variety of concepts during development and then use the following four pages to show my ideas moving forward at larger scale in more detail. Rather than blowing up the thumbnails and running the risk of having the development process trail on for to long. I think I will take your advice and circle them out while keeping it brief.

Thanks again for your comments, gearing up for graduation and I need to polish up the old portfolio.

I assume you’ve seen these- ?

nice project. I like the final result a lot. I’d buy it!


I want one!

Dude that is the sweetest thing I have seen…I am a fashion design major and I can appreciate the time and effort of constructing that bag…with the pattern making etc. Nice Job!!!

Kinda reminds me of this…