Life of an IDer

I was wonering what this was about until I got to the last blurb. Sad indeed, is this what the future holds for us?

perhaps if we’re lucky, (what I mean is at least he was able to find a number of years of work in a creative field, both monotonous and exciting but designer-y none-the-less)

I guess I got a different feel from the site. I kinda saw it as: after all these years, and experience, etc, in the end he died being a security guard for minimum wage, trying to learn some programs to compete with up+comers. Pretty much meaning his extensive professional experience went totally unnoticed and doesn’t seem valuable or respected or didn’t count for anything anymore because he doesn’t know the new computer stuff. So his many years of design expertise now means nothing. It makes me wonder if that’ll happen to everybody? When AliasX comes out with the holographic virtual 3-d display mode, will the skilled veteran “designer” become obsolete because he/she doesn’t know how to use the new gimmick? But the fresh grad (w/ no “design” experience) could take their job just because of their knowledge of the new programs. Makes you wonder.

no, you’re right, I saw it that way as well, but I was just trying to say ‘look at the bright side’ of his life.

Same kinda deal guys, but I’m still kicking.

Started out in Industrial Design in the home entertainment industry in the late seventies, moved to the motorcycle industry and aerospace (as an engineer) in the eighties, filled in a few years in industrial instrumentation… never managed to hook up with any company using anything other than AutoCAD… tons of design for manufacturing experience but no ELECTRONIC 3d modeling skills to speak of …

Find a job? No, But ya gotta keep trying!

tough break LMO. hope you land something soon. good luck.