Life, After The Joys And Comforts Of Dorm Living..

midterms are brutal but I’m glad that I’m studying ID at a decent school. I’m only a freshman but I am very curious about what life is like for most ID graduates when they leave college or start work while pursuing some other degree. Any possible “starving student” scenarios? Do most students start off in internships right away or have to get in line for the next opportunity? (this is regarding a student who has no contacts from within the industry, has to basically start from scratch in the networking process)

I’d love to hear a real perspective on this future situation from people at Core77 rather than ask my own professors. Right now they’re too busy praising about how wonderful the school’s ID program is.


You will learn most of the useful information that will net you a job FROM a design job. Get internships as fast as you possibly can.
Most places will value real world experience over school experience. I have noticed that a lot sophomores and a lot more juniors from places like UC have about the same quality of work as graduates from non-coop programs. Real world experience also build up a network of designers in the workplace that can get you that first job. Dont think of yourself as a beginner. Start applying right away for real worls experience.

Couldn’t agree with above any more. It is invaluable to be able to see how real people in the workplace design and to be able to have that exposure and experience BEFORE you graduate and start looking for work. It’s a lot harder to try to figure it out after you lose the school safety net and contacts.