licensing designs?

Hi everyone. I’m new to this board. I am interesting in making the switch from corporate design to licensing my design and artwork to manufacturers. I’m planning on exhibiting at Surtex this fall for their home textiles market, but am also curious about how well licensing may work for designers. Has anyone else on here done this, and if so, was the pay off worth it? Are you still licensing your artwork? Does having a licensing agent help, and if so, where do you find one? Is this something one could do full-time, or should I not quit my day job just yet?

Thanks for your help!

Search the forum

no, don’t.

let someone who knows about the subject answer you and give you good advice and make discussions. that’s the POINT of discussion forums.

don’t listen to the “” bit. If so, then close this worthless forums down for good. We can all “search” everywhere privately and in a cave.

i suppose we should all reinvent everything too. that’s the point of design isn’t it? don’t investigate the market. don’t research patents. don’t see whats been done. start from scratch.


this topic comes up often. a person can ignore the historical information, initiate a new discussion and either hear the same stuff (or less) or they can find an old discussion and revive it. add to what has been stated. be specific in a question based on previous comments. aso.

that’s the purpose of the Search feature on this forum. and many of the people who posted before are still here. so the cave is populated.

efficient or inefficient. your choice.


not EVERYONE remembers and keeps tabs on every topic in every thread with 9000+ posts 24/7.

let people discuss in a discussion forum. it takes .00002% energy output to say “go search it yourself.”

also, NO that is not THE purpose of the search function. Regulars also use it to find old threads, not solely as a mini google. AND even if you find it, who the fuk wants to click through 13 pages of a topic that REMOTELY matches what you’re looking for? Just to find out its 99% unrelated one word posts and also completely wrong topic with 2 matching key words. Its unrealistic and talk about INEFFICIENT.

I’m SURE everytime you or anybody else posts something new, you diligently check the old threads. Poor original guest, who even stated, “im new to this board” has no fuking idea “licensing” has been discussed 1385 (please confirm the right # forum guru) in this damn board.

90% of all the topics on here can be searched and should NEVEr have been started in the first place. Then, with such low traffic, Core would be out of business. And you would REALLY have nothing to do.

And the design analogy: please. don’t play extreme analogies with me. i have a black belt. “reinvent everything … uh” Come on. Why don’t you do us all a favor and redesign the core boards with flash driven “gates” that every poster must go through in order to get access to a pristine blank text field. First gate question: have you searched google YES, NO. You click NO, you get directed to

if you would like to go deeper into this waste of time argument and have questions about my views, first search the old threads. You’ll find all the answers there.

That is all.

my suggestion to the original question was Search the forums. the end.

You definitely should not quit your day job just yet!

Licensing is a very lucrative method for creative types. I know someone who licensed a furniture design to a manufacturer a while back and his first year royalties amounted to 75k. But for an experienced designer with connections and…EXPERIENCE, thats chump change.

For a novice, you should definitely get a licensing agent. Easy way is to go online or yellow pages, but like anything else, its a crapshoot without references/good word of mouth. Try asking people in the industry who have had personal experiences with agents, brokers, lawyers, etc that deal with the exciting world of licensing.

Also exhibiting at trade shows or conventions like Surtex, is a sure fire way to make connections not only with manufacurers but also with agents/brokers and as well as others in the same boat that you can seek advice from or collaborate with. I’ve gotten tons of help from fellow inventors/product developers/licensors in inventing, product developing, and licensing.

Good luck!

Search found 37 matches
8 worth checking out mebbe

google = "Results 1 - 10 of about 139,000,000 for licensing "

what the hell is core boards good for???

my beef with the “search the forums” answer is that sometimes the discussions don’t always follow the initial premise, much like this one. we started with a question about licensing and here we are talking about the search function.

so it’s hard to know after a search what post might contain the answers you’re looking for, or even have it come up on a search. wading through six pages of chris bangle stuff on dial up gets distracting fast…

a link to a thread or two would be great if you know that there is info in a certain post. I’ve seen this done here before and it helps a lot more than just saying “do a search”. any forum is much improved by a follow up post that gives constructive info or at least makes you laugh.

I agree. Scrap the “search forum” talk and get back to the original question. This person asked a good question that could help a lot of people out with a pertinent answer. I would do just that if I had any experience with licensing.

There was one person who posted a useful response and I applaud him or her.

Others take note.

Thank you for your post - this is helpful!! I’m the one who posted the first question for this. I did do a search before I posted, and I read through those threads already. I’m looking for more specific info. And yes, I’ve done the google search thing - I’ve even emailed other artists/designers who have licensed work out there and am getting some good advice.

I figure it’s better to get a bunch of people’s opinions on the subject rather than just one or two, so I posted here.

I think this topic is useful for anyone else pursuing this avenue. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!


have you thought about posting some of the info you’ve received from the designers you’ve contacted? you might have more to offer than anyone…

Also, if this topic comes up so often, why not make a “sticky”?