Lian Li DK-02X

1.2 meter case/desk/monster. Will need to rework the legs, but what a case.

What are opinions on the ultimate motherboard(s) to put inside? Have Asus Rampage Extremes currently.

When is Google or Autodesk going to have cloud rendering? I feel like I’m the first to consider this.

Autodesk has it as a part of Fusion360. Still looks a little clunky, but it has a built in viewer, so your client can log into their site and view the 3d model/spin it around (similar to keyshot vr).

That desk is a pretty neat idea though! I’m not sure I’d want the glass top, as the blinking lights of a computer might get a bit annoying, but you could always make it into a light box.

I like the concept, but I feel like the small size of the ledge for the keyboard and mouse would leave the user pretty cramped. I know I like to have basically my whole forearm on the desk when typing/mousing.

Agreed, would only consider it as a side table with the legs redone.

Why are we going back to 1950 when computers where giant pieces of furniture?

Might as well go full old school IBM and have a separate room for your mainframe full of all the blinking lights and reel-to-reel punchcard operated machines you could ever need.

I don’t know if this is a good computer, but it’s an ugly and not very functional desk (no storage, need wires all over the place, very thick so bad leg access, would run pretty hot, etc.).


I suppose if you work on a Blog that bench’s computers this is a decent way of running a bench setup in a “neat” and orderly fashion.

But yeah I struggle with it as a desk since it has zero useful functionality as a desk. You’d be better off just mounting two test benches on a shelf and putting a glass top above them.

I have the equivalent of a 100 1950’s computers in my pocket. For my non-portable computer, I need a heat radiator, space for all the hard drives I could ever load up and space for some giant graphic cards. The fact that I can load it with two computers (which I always have running currently) make it that much cooler.

I know the minimal solutions do not work for what I ask computers to do. When I look at a monster case shaped like a table, it makes me smile.

Stuff a computer into a case like this and I might be interested in furniture sized computers. Otherwise, stick a rack mount in a closet and fill it up even more.


I guess I still don’t see the major appeal. By comparison you could take two large and beautiful towers and stick them under a flat piece of glass like legs and still have all of the same functional capacity for drive bays and storage at probably a much lower price. Or throw some server blades in your closet.

Plus one of the slots in there only supports a mini ATX motherboard which is a fairly useless form factor for anything high end.

I’m totally pro-desktop - I don’t have a giant neon LED lit watercooled beast on my desk at home for nothing, but this just seems like a test bench for people who don’t like exposed wiring.

Thought this desk was cool until you mentioned that; I hate it when desks don’t have enough free space above my legs.
Also if I want to write in a book or something, it looks like I’d have lean over the keyboard shelf, as it looks like it’s locked in place. I’ve used desks before with keyboard shelves that can be raised back up to the same level as the rest of the desk, but you can’t exactly do that when there’s a whole heap of USB ports blocking you.

Really, this is just a 25cm deep desk with another 60 cm of useless space behind it, between you and the monitor.

  1. That hi-fi unit makes me feel sick. I don’t know if it is the angle of the photos or the weird gestalt of spheres at the end of a rectangular box, but I feel nausea.

  2. My wife and I have been arguing about computers lately. I say that the current desktops we have will be the last and we need to toss the desk and computer out. My wife insists on the need for a desk in the house.

  1. That’s because there are balls on either end of the phallus when it is a well known fact that the both balls should be at only one end of the phallus.

  2. Compromise. Toss the computer out, keep the desk.

I see Mr. DOB, but that will not help your nausea.

All six responses I came up with were inappropriate.

Richard, but how many songs can it store?

I had a big smoked glass full size rack cabinet once as a PC storage. It fit the weight requirement but the cables and the coordination with monitors and keyboards was a disaster.

The glass top on the LianLi I noticed too late, not need to see the inside of a machine. A single small LED is all that is needed.