Li Ning?

wasn’t sure to post this in design in asia - PDX design scene - or here but whatever…

so i just read that Li Ning opened a design office in portland. Are they going to start selling here? makes sense they would go to portland but whats the overall strategy i wonder, is it just for talent or is it for American talent?

I am actually the designer for this upper and sole. Im located on the east coast so they do use American talent mixed with influence from designers in China.
What are your thoughts.

I saw a few these stores whilst in China. They are growing extremely fast and extremely large. Will one of the top 4 brands one day come from China? Nike are keeping a keen eye on this. How the hell do you tackle a market like China becomes the next question

thats a complicated question. like how do you tackle that market without horribly disturbing the distribution of resources? how do you tackle such a huge market? seems like the shear quantity of people is the daunting part.

are there any sucessfull products recently designed by non-chinese companies that have been aimed at the chinese market?

JLynchy-Could you go into more detail regarding how that process works? From an aesthetics standpoint, I’ve really liked a few of the Li-Ning shoes, especially the ones above and the ones Damon Jones wore last year…

I heard that the Chinese government has been strict with Li-Ning selling product in the U.S. Can anyone confirm this? Even so, I wouldn’t be suprised to see them maybe do something in Beijing for the Olympics. I think it’s a great advertising platform.

Dont forget , Nike and adidas are the leading companies in China. Li-Ning is the largest China owned, following in third.
The pattern above that I worked on came directly from chinese heritage. For example, looking at the pottery there is alot of repetitive detailing. With this in mind I would try to make the visual very busy when looked at close using clear screen prints for example, but from a distance you still see bold color blocking that families well with competitors. The most difficult challenge and what we do well at is pushing them to be more performance driven verse simply visual knockoffs.
I believe the government is not being difficult, but more Li-ning being smart on how to jump into the US with a big bang. They want to have technology and history(2008 Olympics) for example.
In regards to process, the most difficult objective is clear communication(Language)etc…
Traveling overseas to work with their designers has been a great education for both sides.

awesome, that read like poetry to me.