Li Ning F2 Lift Off: Thoughts?

How do you guys feel about Li Nings new line of EVA injected product? I do appreciate them trying something different, well maybe not that different, but definitely something we’ve not seen in performance product. I do worry about durability, environmental impact, as well as performance. I could see heat build up possibly becoming an issue.

those r tight!! u slap swoosh on those and i promise…

very cool :open_mouth:
i will def have to buy a pair and see what they are like, i will be out in portland in sept so hopefully i can snag a pair form the store, or at least try them on.

I have worn, not these, but shoes similar and they where a total sweat box. I also fear that they will look like toys on the feet. that may be cool for some people.

I have been lucky enough to see each model in detail they prompt a few thoughts;

  1. Technically, it is very nice to look at. The tongue integrated in the mold for me is special, as are the deep undercuts. The contours are also very nicely made - think this is directly from a scanned upper?
  2. Shoemaking / Comfort / Support / Moisture management are non existent.
  3. Long term - how will the EVA hold up with cracking, flexing that it is not normally subjected to. General durability questions.
  4. Super wide and boxy, made for the “wider feet” markets, for sure
  5. I heard it is retailing for about 300RMB…in china
  6. Makes good sense for a chinese market that would like an easy to clean shoe.

But, i dont think it will make real shoemakers and designers lose any sleep. the Asics that i posted before is a far more considered product compared to this.


I agree. I would want to buy this just to examine it through and through. I think Li Ning was definitely trying to make a statement with this product, and with all the buzz that’s been generated on the web, they now have an opportunity to really push their brand into the same conversation with adidas and nike in my opinion. I hope that the second generation of this product addresses the concerns about durability and performance because I think this is a great start for a company like Li Ning.

I’ll have the complete backstory to the F2 line exclusively on soon. In short, they said in testing it was actually a very breathable performance shoe. Lot more info on the design and inception of the shoes in the piece. I’m sure someone will post the link here when it goes up…

any news on when your background story will be up?

Got the trainer version and the hightop, surprisingly comfortable, feel especially good while bike riding, stable, seem to have a lot of airflow. The high tops have a deeper texture on the footbed that seems massage-y as well as allowing airflow. You know you have something different on your foot, but not weird. The heel sculpted heel shape is nice to look down at. In terms of what it could be in the strange category, the shoe does not draw public attention to itself, nice and quiet (gray)