LG Prada

Ive just bought this phone and all i can say is…amazing!

It very similar to the iphone although its out in Europe NOW. The response between touching the screen and accessing a menu is incredibly fast and its just so intuitive to use. Although it doesnt have the same spec as an iphone, for those who cant be arsed to wait, this phone is a must. Not sure if it will get a US release though.

Check it out here…

Wow, that thing is pretty hot.

I think the LG PHONE original is very complex on the key front and the camera back …so i refined it …and what does this one get the feelings to you ?

Nice, I always love a little guerilla design!



After only four days of owning the Prada the novelty had worn off due to a number of reasons but mostly because i was always concerned about the large screen getting scratched and texting was an absolute pain in the arse. I expect many will feel the same way when the iphone comes out because these kinds of phones are just too easy to damage.

I swapped the bugger for the Sony Ericsson W880i. Its only 9.4mm thin, feels solid and the sound quality on the MP3 is just top. Big ass bass lines, great phone all round really.

Anybody questioning the design-push by LG and Samsung to co-brand, over-design, and name-drop for the ID on their consumer products? Is that how a company goes about establishing themselves as a design-driven organization? For instance, Karim Rashid has done a flat-panel TV for Samsung (accompanied by his typical ‘change the world’ babble). And LG bends over backwards for Prada and probably other companies, re-engineering their commodity products to take advantage of another brand’s clout in certain fashion markets.

When looked at as a whole, the Samsung/LG products are probably mostly in-house designs, but there are divergent examples like the co-branded products that make the companies seem design-whorish. Like who gives a rat’s ass if your TV was “designed” by Rashid.

Most definitely just a brand job… hey that kind of rhymes with another kind of job…

I see no problem with this kind of cross brand product, provided it is being done with the correct brands and the resulting design is a true reflection of the brands identities.

Obviously, LG are trying to elevate their brand in the European market with the Prada collaboration. Problem I see is that the phone feels too much like the current generation of LG chocolate phones but with the Prada brand slapped onto it. There is really nothing in the design that respects the Prada brand. Think about what could have been possible! What they have released is really a StarWars lunchbox.

What kind of damage will this do to the Prada brand?

First, that Prada LG looks like an iPhone crossed with this NEC I saw a while ago:

LG and Samsung might be turning to the cross-branding because their ID departments were not generating the returns they had hoped. I went to school with a Korean, who last I heard, was working for one of the big two. They have design departments of hundreds of people. It’s absolutely amazing.

Tying this in with another thread. If you want to know some under-appreciated design departments, just look at LG and Samsung. Their designs aren’t too different, but they are typically well detailed and thought out.

LG and Samsung design work is thought out and clean, and obviously popular and has enough Zoolander clout to get Prada to work with you, but have either of those companies thought about, or cared about developing their own 3-D language, vs appropriating the designer/company du jour for design direction?

I’d say Sony has a design language, and Apple, and even IBM and Motorola.

I think the design is highway robbery!

Aren’t you guys tired of these boxy designs that takes 5 minutes to design which piggybacks on the iPOD trend? They slap a brand like Prada on it and you hear the ooohhs & aaahhhs but put a COBY logo on it and you find it struggling at Walmart!!!

Yeah, you’re completely right. But that’s why the fashion market exists; to take advantage of the finances of vain people. Or more importantly, in this time of higher disposable income (i.e. new money = no taste) you have every idiot in the world buying Victoria Beckham jeans (yet another pathetic ‘collaboration’) and anything sponsered by a ‘celebrity’ whose name is more of a brand than a name. And thats when/why the Prada phone happens; because it will sell… to people without taste.

Sigh… that feels better.

To add to that rant however, what about H & M and their clothes line ‘designed’ by Madonna? As if she even picked up a pantone marker.

As Tom Dixon said in a recent lecture; I am in a strange place at the moment… I’ve sold my name because my name is a brand.

(… but he sold it for a lot of money).