LG Electronics Summer Internship

**LG Electronics is conducting an internship program for selected students and recent grads in the Englewood Cliffs, NJ office. The internship program will be a 6 week session starting on June 20th. Attendants will be responsible for managing a concept project of their own as well as assisting in the development of ongoing programs in the studio. Those attending will receive a compensation of $1500 only, and are responsible for securing housing and transportation on their own.

Please send resume and work samples to:

LG is a design sweat shop…just look at Oggi’s previous posts before you apply for his internship.

haha, yeh they are.

$1500 for 6 weeks without any accomodation or transportation aid is kinda low IMO.If a student gets paid $15 and hour, which is quite average, he/she can get $600 a week minus tax, which is just enough to pay for the living expense in a not so expensive city. Also, to find housing for just 6 weeks is really hard. Lease usually goes by the year, sublets go by the summer(3mths).

Come on, LG’s been making big bucks all over Asia, this is not the kind of investment that it should be picky about.

LG studio has only few designers, so their workload gets overwhelming from what I’ve heard. I think LG is making it difficult for students who want a taste of their sweatshop work loads. Come on Oggi, we’ve seen what your studio can produce, so what does a busy team like yours can afford to teach these innocent design students? I doubt management skill can be taught during the 6 weeks. :unamused:

fine go design magic-marker sets for freelance all summer. our office is resposible for mobile phone, display, and appliance products for the americas. I have a certain amount excess budget from last year and instead of buying a printer or workstation thought I would give some students a chance to work in a real office. I dont expect any usable output from the interns, it is an educational experience alone and the $1500 is to cover transport and daily expenses for local students. its very simple, if you dont want the oppertunity dont apply.


Do you negative posters have any idea what a pain it is to administer an internship program? Even when you are getting seniors with very strong skill sets there is still an enourmous amount of preperation (getting tools set up with IT guy) Training (spending your valuable time teaching this kid about your industry) and checking (making sure mr no experience is going down the right path). And all that comes after youve spent many hours reviewing ports, interviewing etc. For all that you get people who hopefully can manage some parts of a project that will bring value to the bottom line.

LG sponsoring internships for speculative projects is huge. While it may not be great for RISD, CCS, or Art Center kids, Pratt and Parsons should be counting their blessings.

The sense of entitlement is absurd. Given that it’s june 1 and most places have filled their intern positions this is a great opp for underclassmen or those who really need to get some kind of experience (with the fastest growing phone maker in the world to boot).

thanks joe, these guys are negative about everything because they are unhappy with their work. I just want to give some local guys a chance to come in and go through a project of their own choice in a professional manner. I know one guy posting negative things is an ex-employee of an outsourcing firm we still use, needless to say he is no longer at the firm, but I know this is just a discussion board so I never had action to his negative postyings in the past. If these guys were such professionals and so much at the top of their game they would not be scrounging around in the internship section of core77, and also would not be anonom. login

Looks like Oggi wants to play good-old get together beat down game. Don’t think your LG USA is such a desirable place to work, like you said in your old posts, there are “plenty of designers willing to work for 40K”, sounds like sweat-shop deal? You bet. You complained about there aren’t enough staff to digest the work load, so I wonder what an intern is going to learn at your studio. The “real world” design?
“(getting tools set up with IT guy) Training (spending your valuable time teaching this kid about your industry)” come on, it doesn’t take that long to set up an account for an intern, even so, it’s till worth it for 6 weeks of intensive labor at budget price.

If you only have $1500 to spend, buy a printer. don’t ruin the market price of designers, its is low enough already.

1.5grand seems fine
will work for 40K anyday
i ve been getting paid 250 euros a month, which is basically slave labour
40G’s sounds good…where do i apply?

dude, if that’s what you’re being paid now as a full time designer at Europe, don’t even bother coming to USA, you probably don’t HAVE the skill set to survive here. Go China.

why is everyone so mean and nasty, its way beyond subtle jabs to the ego of fellow designers. Just because a designer gets paid on the low side doesnt mean they suck, maybe they just enjoy designing and doing what they want to do. Just on another note, I think the payscale in europe is so low because of the huge talent pool of exceptional people. Just be thankful that Mr Bush has made it so hard for people to come here and work, otherwise I can imagine a huge shift in personel of firms.

I think it’s just the overly competitive nature of some designers. The compensation offered by this intership means that people who do not live in the same area would not likely be able to take advantage of it, and that frustrates them, possibly because no such opportunities exist where they live, or they had no such opportunities when they were in school.

Or, they’re just disgruntled ex-employees.

this a real internship with credit? and communication with school’s ID program? if it is then sell the extra credits they can get. might be worth it for some. like early graduates. if it is not then call it summer work and not an internship. that way the expectation is different. easier to compare time in a studio with mowing lawns.

and please don’t use this again:

“fine go design magic-marker sets for freelance all summer. our office is resposible for mobile phone, display, and appliance products for the americas.”

for us old-timers, product is product. the mobile computing and electronics stuff i’ve done looks like boxes to me. all the same stuff. playing the We do Cool Stuff and They Don’t is unprofessional. you’re better than that.

perfectly illustrates the reason why you are a designer and not in business.

You’re better off getting a printer…or a coffee maker… then at least you will get a useable retun for your $1500

Not to bring up a bad thread from a while ago (but I’m going to anyhow), but didn’t you pose this question last year: “why are there no good American designers?”

Since most of your applicants will be domestically based, why bother since they won’t be up to your very high standards?

$1500 is a slap in the face. It’s no wonder our profession still can’t be compensated properly. I understand that you are giving someone the ability to put LG on their resume, but it’s not going to be quality experience. Just sitting them in front of a computer won’t accomplish much. Plus, they’ll be working on the same type of over-designed products. Every young college grad seems to have an MP3 player, a cellphone and PDA in their portfolio (which typically are over-styled boxes.)

I hope whoever gets this prized opportunity has a lot of money flowing in from their family because they’ll be in the hole probably $4k for living expenses.

People didn’t pay to work even during the depression.

i really regret. I had no idea using my personal time and budget to have an internship made me a bad guy. Just for the record i spent a long time in freelance doing markers and salt&pepper shakers wishing I could come into a design studio like this and utilize the resourses, we are not LG USA, we are LG and we will be letting students work on their own projects for competitions or personal, whatever but using the technology database and amazing mock-up studio to make an output for their portfolio. I didnt even make up the schedule yet for the period and I already kinda regret. Its really crazy people are so jaded from this industry.

A majority of them are all mean and nasty comments. See other postings… some don’t even answer the question posted at all… you’d be lucky if you found at least one or two thoughtful feed back…