My wife and I both have LG cellphones. Both are less than one year old. And both of them have batteries that are failing to hold a charge for more than a few hours EVEN WHEN THEY ARE “ON” BUT NOT BEING USED.

Main LCD backlighting is set to “Always Off”; Keypad lighting is set to “Always Off”.

When placed on AC/DC wall chargers (we have two and have alternated their use), these batteries go to “Charging Complete” in approximately one hour. After an hour of “ON” but non-use, less than 2 “Bars” of battery power is indicated.

The battery in both of these phones is an LG Lithium Ion, 3.7V, 1000mAh;
LG part number LGIP-A1000E

The solution, according to Verizon (who supplied the phones in this case) is to replace the batteries, at the pro-rated cost of $40 each.

The question:

Are any of you experiencing the similar problems with your LG phone batteries?

My wife and I both have LG phones that use the same battery you are referencing. While our batteries have less “on” life than they did when new, these are nearly two years old now, but they will easily last a few days even when used frequently. We give them no special attention in regards to charging.

I would think that the batteries fall under some kind of warranty, if not from Verizon, from LG. But then again, maybe not…