Lexus HoverBoard Story

I just saw the making of video and its an amazing piece of story telling. The visual look into there engineering process is something I think we all as designers can take away from. (though the didn’t show to much of the actual design side)

Full write up here:

The quote at the end to me is perfect.

Sweet! Always wondered what the larger system looked like, bravo to Lexus for pushing this through.

PS. link is broken but just follow to the the website Sain posted :slight_smile:

butttt… the surface has magnets buried in it…

At least they have tons of people talking about Lexus and their board. It’s a nice marketing move, I guess.

Does anybody know if the commercial is on TV or just spreading online?

And they’re not even the first company to develop a hoverboard that only works on a specific surface: At least the Hendo board allows the surface to be a big sheet instead of a narrow track. It is cool that the Lexus board doesn’t require any power, but it’s not like liquid nitrogen requires zero energy to create.

What I find interesting is that both of them seem to be developing technology for a somewhat frivolous recreational product whose significance seems to be mostly emotional / future-nostalgic. I’m sure both parties hope to parlay the technology into something more “practical,” but it is interesting that it’s not happening the other way around.

Anything better than talking about the actual cars eh? :slight_smile:

Lexus makes cars still?

Cars? What cars? Don’t they make appliances? :smiley: