Lexus can't get any worse? Lexus designers: "Hold my beer"

I just can’t believe this is the design of an actual real car.

looks familiar, but I can’t quite put my finger on it :smiley:

Looking at Lexus and Toyota I feel like the task is just to style the heck out of it. How many swooping/aggressive curves can you get in each panel.

We may very well be seeing a new class of vehicle emerge. Chimera blend of 21st century Pickup dna and full size SUV dna…Very hard on the eyes that Lexus.

Whatever happened to bumpers?

It’s like they took a look at the Tahoe and said, “You call that a grille?”

hopefully with brands switching to EVs, this is a baroque supernova of over styling signifying the end of old ICE platforms… though we have certainly seen some EV’s with huge faux grilles. I wonder if we will see some brands go back to this kind of functionalism:

I think it’s an improvement over what they’ve done lately.

natural end state? :rofl: