Letting interviewer know you want to get promoted to mar


Hotsuma I think you should skip design, and marketing and go straight to stand up comedian because the posts you’ve been writing recently are pure comic gold.

I’m not sure you realize how ridiculous some of your recent posts have been? Either you do and you’re just winding us all up or you don’t understand that this is a DESIGN forum used by designers, design students and design appreciators. Starting threads about secretly “sneaking” your employers work out to go interview with or finding the best way to “upgrade” to a marketing is pretty laughable.

Probably depends on a few things: How you phrase your answer, and what the position is. If the company is hiring, looking for long term employees because they’ve had a lot of turn over, it probably won’t help your chances.

My advice would be to keep it to yourself for a bit at least until after you’ve worked there for a while. You may find after working there that you don’t want that marketing position anyway, or you may find a good way to get into that job. That way they don’t see your position as simply temporary and they’ll get to know what kind of employee you are.

Ha. I hadn’t noticed those threads.

Can someone delete cho s message there’s no need to be a troll when a person needs some tips when finding a job

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Sorry Hotsuma, I’m siding with Choto. If anything, you’re the troll. Your message on my project page was the most unhelpful thing, and can even be construed as an insult. Thinking about secretly putting work in your portfolio is highly unethical and unprofessional. How can we take you seriously when you ask for “some critiques lol”. (Seriously check Hostuma’s posts out… it’s ridiculous).

But if I were to answer your question seriously, NO. Don’t do it. They are only interested in hiring you for the job that you’re interviewing for. Here’s where you went wrong:

  1. You’re insulting the design profession by saying that marketing is an ‘upgrade’.
  2. You’re basically saying you have no interest in the position you’re applying for (which you don’t. Wait, why are you on these boards again? Go get a degree in marketing).
  3. You’re doing it wrong.

Got to agree with Julius here. Hotsuma, I’ve answered your question above (as did Julius). Don’t mention anything in the interview. Who is or isn’t the troll here doesn’t really matter, now does it?

I’m with Choto and Tarngerine, it seems like you are just on these forums to cause trouble, I’d be glad to hear some dissent, but your posts tend to feel very disingenuous. Then for you to call Choto a troll, it’s pretty easy for most of us to compare your posts and contributions to these forums and see where we believe the truth lies.

Yeah I just got done reading the update on your project (which is great by the way, really like the way you’ve captured the process) and as a design student I took offense to Hotsuma’s post. Pages of great discussion, hard work etc. and you, Suma, kind of seem to be blind to it all. It’s as though you don’t realize this is a design forum. Anyways, I don’t mean to start a flame war. I may be reading too much (or too little) into your posts.

Either way, I stand by my original post. Maybe it’s a good thing you’re airing the these questions out before your interview :slight_smile:

In all honesty though, good luck with the job search.

Wow you guys are just a bunch of trolls
I’m out of this forums it’s full of unhelpful douchy trolls

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Wow, I really wonder how you interact with people in the real world.

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job well done team


I don’t think I have ever seen someone delete all of their posts. Hotsuma I deleted your quote in the last forum like you asked because I felt sorry for you, but if I had known you were going to delete all your posts I would have left it. I have to say your actions are a bit spineless. And yes if you are going to attack me, my colleagues, and my profession, yes I am going to act like a douche. Design is our livelihood and if you don’t like it then you don’t have to stick around.

good readin’

and there was me working away missing all the fun.

Yeah really, how did I miss these gems?

I hear the mail room is hiring if you are willing to ship yourself to the office in a big package.

Easy to miss that one, it was roughly an hour and a half from where the thread began until the original message was deleted.
I think I liked Linda’s sign of the best. :laughing:

But don’t use company resources, buy your own box.

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Greenman gets+5 internet points.

I think he is still in the lead.