Lettering and all things type design has always been an interest of mine. I’ve decided to start to try my hand at it, both digitally and analog.

Some recent samples.

Feel free to add anything of your own that is relevant.


loving the packaging mocks!

Kinda fun to see something in context!

Did a little animation on the can too.


love the animation.

You should be able to past the link between the code after clicking the vimeo button:

Thanks. Tried that, didn’t work for some reason. Fixed. Thanks.


Really nice stuff! The FAF wet hop is a great package. Would love to see those in real life…

FAF Actually just started as a Procreate lettering doodle, but seemed to work… I do love me some wet hop beer tho.



Love me a good lettering discussion.

Adding to my work at the James Moore restaurant (earlier thread here: Tap List):
working on a sidewalk sign (“sandwich board”).

This photo is the 4th iteration/prototype. Pedestrian “sidewalk” chalk on butcher paper; on top of the actual sign board. Feeling it out at 100% (colors not accurate to final) for layout, copy, typography. At this point, client is on board with something pretty close to this one. Their copy with my edits, some control there on my part, but not absolute.

Still a lot of time to change. The overall goal is to draw people in. Feedback welcome!

This guy is fantastic. His website has changed a lot in the last few years, it’s now more business focused, but here’s the gallery: Daily Content Machine - Repurpose content you’re already making, and be everywhere every day.

I’ve also tried my hand at carved hand-lettering… I’ll post a picture when I get home.

@Brian_Donlin: That’s great work. I wonder how much time he spends in design and layout vs. execution. What was the earlier work like that you referred to (guessing it was less “businessy”, but were there stylistic/execution/media differences as well?).

The difference between pen/pencil + ink, and brush + paint is really interesting. For any given piece of work, where the desired outcome is identical, the process using the various toolsets is really different. I find brushwork very challenging (so of course that’s why I committed to doing a brushwork sign - arrgh!). I haven’t really spent any time with digital tools yet and I’m curious.

@rkuchinsky: I imagine you’ve done quite a bit of time lettering with “traditional” toolsets - any comments (specific or general) on differences/advantages/shortcomings of using digital?

Jacob–his website was 100% lettering, focused on selling his design services. Now there’s a lot of “here’s how you can be a blogger too!” I remember the media all being pretty much the same. He starts with pencil sketching, does a couple rounds of underlays, and eventually inks it.

As promised, here’s something I lettered and carved a few years ago. Used a piece of Walnut. I started out with a pencil sketch, did a couple iterations, then used chalk to transfer it to the wood. I used a Dremel to carve it.

Some more.

I’ve never actually done any traditional or other lettering. Just getting into this and trying everything from Sharpie to iPad. Would like to do some more digging on methods and process, but haven’t had the chance.