Lets talk about the New line of Oakley watches

looks like a rip off of a Nautica design from years back.

i think both the nautica and timberland may be made by the same company…i might be wrong.

oakley didnt translate well their extreme aesthertic onto watches. the minute machine bracelet looks like something out of Alien the movie. and as everything oakley, way overpriced (1200 for the minute!!). The holeshot looks like they are toning down the extreme factor while still maintaining some oakley flavor, so hopefully this will be their new direction. either that or theyll have to keep surviving on glasses sales alone

Years back Nautica and Timberland were done by the same company. Timberland has since moved on. The Nautica watch was done at least a few years ago while timberland’s is pretty recent.

I’ll keep an eye out for what Oakley releases this year at Baselworld, they don’t have a huge booth but i’m sure they’ll have some new stuff. I’ll be sure to scan some new stuff and post it when i get back from switzerland.

I definately see what you guys are saying about the aesthetics of these watches, however to justify the price… they are Swiss made, with 11 jewel movements, have sapphire chrystal faces and the minute machine is forged titanium.

so… kind of like having a Ferrari V12 in an ‘96 Firebird? Bitchin’

Actually, that would be pretty cool! Difference is you can’t smoke people at the green light with an Oakley watch. Despite the jewels and swiss movement, a $30 quartz atomic-set Casio will give you much more accuracy.

My instant reaction was to recoil. very aggressive design. I prefer more neutral approaches like nooka.


Just picked this one up in September. Wear it every day!
Picture 5.png

When I think Oakley, I think Mullets and Pickup trucks.

When I think Oakley, I think ‘this guy’…

Dude the Boz is wearing Gargoyles. Get your 80’s straight.

You don’t have a hair on yer ass if you didn’t rock a pair of Oakley Blades with Uridium orange lenses and seafoam green Triggers/Nosepeice between 1985-1987.

The Blade II has more crazy curves and forms than any watch I’ve ever seen, but I actually think it’s the best of the bunch you just shoved. Generally these are not my kind of watches.

For me they are overly stylized. I much prefer more honest offerings from nooka. I so want one, but Christmas is coming up. I did hint at the gf to get me one as i am getting her something special this year. No its not in my pants.

Then again i don’t wear watches.