let's talk about Samsung's mobile phone design

how do you think about Samsung’s design of their mobile phones?
i mean the styling… compare to nokia, motorola & sony-ericsson

Motorola SLVR

Samsung T509

I think Samsung is a “fast follower”, but with great execution and detailing and good quality. I’ve had a couple of Samsungs and found the interface clean and functional, the designs tastefull, and they held up to my abusive ways… but never anything industry leading. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them break that barrier soon though, if they haven’t already. They have in other markets.

Motorola calls 'em “Samesung.”

I don’t understand why considering the huge investment Samsung’s put into design.

As happens to countries in development, companies tend to copy from ‘the best’ and only when they’re powerful enough they start doing their own thing. That happened in Japan, is happening in Korea and will certainly happen in China.