lets talk about personas in your design process


I am a graduate design management student at the Savannah college of arts and design doing a research project on development of personas and how inaccuracy in the data could effect the engagement level of the persona .and would like to get your opinions on it.

the following is a link to a Google survey and there are 6 easy questions waiting for you.If you would kindly answer those questions for me i would greatly appreciate it.thank you for your time and patience.

https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewfor … djZwdmc6MQ

But also can we get a discussion here on how personas engage you in your design process. and how do you guys cope with lack of data in the persona development. and does this effect your understanding of the user when designing artifects?

My browser says your survey link does not exist. Got a Qualtrics account to send a survey link?

Personas can be a great way to get opinionated but off-target project members to think critically rather than spout off their assumptions. Research based personas are obviously better and IMHO carry a lot more credibility.

I guess I generally assume I am not the user, so my opinion doesn’t matter. My knowledge and skillset are directed toward solving problems, not reading minds, you know? A lot of my thinking on personas was shaped by Alan Cooper’s book “About Face,” so I always try to get down to goals, and keep the details of the persona problem-specific (why load it up with details about geodems etc if they don’t really have any impact on behavior?), and based on actual engagement with end users if possible. It makes me crazy when clients pretend to know their user and describe them as stereotypes like “Bubba” or just pull made-up user profiles out their asses. I like goal directed brainstorming - generating scenarios based on personas to help the persona solve a problem. Persona advocacy (in which participants advocate for end users) can be fun, too, and eye opening if the client hasn’t done a lot of firsthand engagement with their end users. I’m working on a project right now, and trying to get some key informants involved in the ideation process - the project relates to problems none of us have experience in, but lacks a budget to do proper research.