Lets talk about leveraging and commisions.

Like all entrepreneurs (and now days almost all of us designers are or should be) I am looking to leverage my situation. The smart water technology has a lot of potential, but I need to husband capital. I am considering offering some designers out there a fee plus arrangement for designs on the phantom water technology. The idea is this, if you have a spec idea and rendering you get paid x amount of the sale (if the design sells). In all cases the designer gets credit on the site and on the product. What do you all think.

I think it is a nice iteration of the open source idea. The idea has a lot of flexibility, it just need the right applications.

Have you seen this?

Or these… . .

yes the jeep “falling water” unit is very very very expensive and we could do the same thing as the Japanese clock fountain for a lot less money. The thing here these big custom job’s can be very expensive so that commission could be sizable. In any event it would put your designs out, packaged in unique and propitiatory technology. If you propose something that cant be done, don’t worry I will tell you what to change to make it real, or if its patently impossible.

Had a talk with a few people and how does 5% of the gross project contract cost sound. This is about the same as what a architect gets, so on the big custom jobs it should be about right. If the design go’s into mass production then the commission / royalty is negotiated.