Let's talk about books.

I’m looking for some new books for inspiration and instruction, and was wondering if any of you have any favorites to suggest.

My current favorites are a book my friend gave me on Scandinavian design that is broad and shallow, but still great to flip through.
Scandinavian Design

And this book is fantastic for anyone looking to do some basic graphic designing.
Non-Designer’s Design Book

Two books about design that I LOVE are Ralph Caplan’s By Design and Cracking the Whip. They are brilliant and it seems whenever I read a passage, the very next day I saw how relevant it is.

The book that got me interested in design in the first place was Droog Design, with its crazy Dutch furniture and fixtures. You may find that one in university libraries, and Caplan’s are still in print.


I like Richard Saul Wurman’s “Information Architects”

Good book about IA and information design.

Thanks for the tips, I just got Cracking the Whip in the mail and am going to start it this weekend.

as a university trained sculptor/frustrated product designer, i’ve been looking for books to somewhat unravel the mysteries of good design. think i just found it, “Designing Design” by Kenya Hara. this book i feel is a must read for all creative individuals.