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Portfolio thus far?

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In the student section, a plethora of students from across the world will be creating and responding to posts. There will also be those who, while not students yet, aspire to become them. I am one of those people. I am a high school student in Orlando Florida, and I am applying for early decission to Carnegie Mellon University. Through their admissions requirements, a portfolio review is mandatory; and I am submitting my work to you, to gain critiques, before I travel to Pittsburgh in late January. So I ask that you visit this link

and help me on my road to becoming an Industrial Design Student like yourselves.

hey, i’m not really in much of a position to post as i’m trying to do the same as you…
your ideas seem pretty solid, and it’s great that you’re showing some of your rough work… my only comment on the presentation would be that it’s a bit much right now… i think the recent trend in graphic design is ‘less is more’ … meaning, don’t be afraid of having white space.

also, think of where your eye goes when you look at the page… something (the final product) should grab your attention first, then the rougher work should grab your attention second and third…

just some thoughts :slight_smile: props for putting this stuff up though. if you can handle the criticism, you’ll have a stronger portfolio to show for it…

I was afraid I had too much stuff on the page. Hm…well, due to size constraits of corofloat, I can’t put the cover page on, which does have a definite “less is more” approach. Good luck on your own application, where are you headed?

What you have here right now definitely shows potential. The feel of a lot of your graphics and lay is a little dated and overloaded as has been stated. One of the professors who will most likely be part of your review is a big fan of full bleed pages, so that may help, however he is meticulous about typography, given your level of education you should be more than fine in this respect as well. My only problem is that your presentation almost overwhelms your work. It is presented in such a grandiose manner that I am waiting to see great work, and though you’re good for your current level of education, as I mentioned, I am nonetheless disappointed after the visual build up. Your sketches need work, but this will come with time and practice. Where’s the work? More Projects….Also, the words from Craig Vogel may come off a little like ass kissing, (not always a bad thing, but be careful)

jpegs are for photos save as gifs and your presentation will be a little better.

wahoo…at last core got there arse in to gear and bult a proper forum

Changingsoon …you put 6 years experience…at what i might ask?

I agree with most of what has been said. However, I think I should point out that since you are a high school student, don’t fret a huge deal over having “products” in your portfolio. After all, you’re there to learn product design. They’re looking for intelligence, hard work, and potential. I think you show those things to a certain extent, but what you might want to show is also some life drawing, or photogaphy or sculpture to show that you are a well rounded applicant. In any case, I believe CMU selects people more on their grades/class rank/general intelligence than on portfolio. I got in to CMU from HS, and I had no design whatsoever in my portfolio. Just drawings and other random stuff. I didn’t end up going there, but I think it’s a good program with smart kids. Good luck!

Hi Everybody,

Well, I just got back from CMU, and it’s AWESOME!!! I loved every min. of it–except the weather, ein bischen kalt, oder “arsch kalt” aber…I want to thank you all for your replies, and definitely Jenny for her “underground tour.” My interviewer LOVED my portfolio, but was saddened that I didn’t have enough process work (you guys were right). Thusly, I must submit a Design Project for CMU within the next 2 weeks. I hope everything goes well, and thanks again to everyone who helped me in my process (or lack there of) :slight_smile:.