Let's pretend.

Community. When I’ve read about or talked to people from places that are deprived, community is always the thing that they do have. It’s probably what the developed world is missing most today.

I read that the outward signs of depression may have been a distress signal in early human communities, alerting others that someone needs attention. Today, there is often few people to see those signs so the person is forced to seek help on an individual level (therapy or medication) if at all.

One other thought is that of adjustment. Your scenario seems hard, but in reality, we would adjust. People who lose a limb adjust. People who win the lottery will often report they’ve returned to the same level of happiness (or lack thereof) after only a year.

Weapons. Because in the dystopian world where scarcity of resources is paramount, it’s easier for humans to take things by force then it is to learn to adapt to not having them.

Source: Every science fiction movie ever.