Letraset Tria

I know the digital sketching is the thing now but you still can’t beat a marker for some quick group thumbs.
Has anybody used the new Tria system? Does anyone think it was a good idea for them to drop the pantone system? Also you only seem to be able to get 3 ink bottles for refilling per color. For example, you can only get cool grey 3, 6, and 9 in bottle form, everything else you have to buy the actual replacement cartridge.

They’re Ok. You get really good solid colour and they’re really wet. Unfortunately they smudge biro, which Magic Markers are OK with. I’ve bought a few of the new Copic ‘Manga’ Markers which are a little smaller but half the price and work pretty nicely.

I haven’t used the new ones. But they look like a good idea have a clear barrel…as the coating always used to come of anyway.

Before going full digital, I used Trias exclusivly. Mainly because I would always photocopy yht line work and reder the photocopy. The trios though wet enough to produce solid color and smoth transitions, would not smear the toner as the Chartpack would. I did find that going through online stores from the UK lead to more choices in refill (bottle) colors.