Let My Thesis Help Your Project - Participants Needed for Ae

I’ve been doing research on aesthetics for my masters thesis at DAAP. Now, I’m looking for other students who have projects that I can use to test my idea. Hopefully we should be able to help each other.

I have created an activity that I think will help improve designers’ decision making skills when selecting a final design to refine among a series of concept sketches or renderings. I’m estimating the time to participate would be about 4 hours, but it wouldn’t be a big commitment since this type of work would be expected for anyone doing most ID projects.

If you’re interested, you would need a project with some sketches and renderings, as well as some research on the existing competitive products in that category (all stuff most projects include). I’ll be conducting the study in a few weeks. If you’re interested in participating or want to know more, please message me.

Well that caught my attention.

While I cannot participate in your study, I am very interested in its results. I would like to request for you to provide your poster and/or paper when complete. Thank you.

Thanks, iab. I’ll be happy to share the results. I could still use some more participants though!

My original recruiting emphasis was on students, since I thought they would have the studio projects and the flexibility to easily participate. After all, it’s a phase of work that needs to be done regardless of whether it is my process or another.

I’m opening myself up to professionals. If anyone is interested and has a project in the next 3 weeks with concepts to be reviewed, it should be able to work. I should be able to fully respect all confidentiality; I don’t need to see any of the concepts for my research. The only thing I need is feedback via a survey.