Please help!!

Any designers out there know anything about Lenove’s working environment (especially about ID group in NC)?? I have heard that many designers left after Lenovo bought IBM’s PC unit. Any reasons why that was happened??

Thank you

…that was a couple of years back…i am told that lenovo has 30 some people, in the product design, brand/id and ui groups…some people jump ship whenever an aquisition happens…some are shown the door…sop in corporate america…

a colleague knew someone who worked there. He said the ID group consists of 3-6 people and is part of the 15-20 poeple corporate identity and design department with HF, graphic, brand and interaction designers. The VP is an ID and I think they still collaborate with Richard Sapper. A few ID people left or were let go during the acquisition with IBM PC Division but the large majority stayed which was the case for the entire division- technical, engineering, marketing, design and sr. execs.