Lenovo Netbook Tablet

Has anyone tried this thing? I’m thinking it would be a cheaper alternative to a full blown tablet laptop or a wacom. I’m not sure if the Intel Atom processor could handle photoshop or sketchbook pro. Any thoughts?

The small display, lack of pressure sensitivity and slow processor mean it’s going to be a tough sell for most of that functionality.

You’d probably be better either putting the money towards a Cintiq, or buy a used tablet PC off Ebay. Maybe even an Ipad with one of those styluses and sketchbook pro.

I have the first gen S10 and I love it. Performance wise, it’s not good for graphic intensive applications. I use mine for the interwebs and microsoft office stuff. It does slow down when I was running some more robust excel sheets.

get a lenovo X60 or x201… not the prettiest but small, functional, and a older model can be had for cheap on ebay

(my X60 does choke on the SBPro elipse and ruler tools though but everything else works brilliantly)

Like someone mentioned, try the other lenovos. I have an X61 tablet and it’s Wacom penabled, so it has a wacom stylus and I use SBpro, photoshop, illustrator, etc on it without a problem. The screen is not as sensitive as a cintiq but it gets the job done just fine. I bought mine off ebay.